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Happy Holidays from the Metatask Team! Our Christmas update is here.

New Year is coming and from our whole team at Metatask we wish you all the joyful holiday season! Thanks for being part of Metatask in 2018, it made all the difference for us!

Meanwhile we’ve released a regular update to Metatask which let you set company logo for your team.

Branding Metatask with your company’s logo

This update lets you make Metatask a little bit more personal 🙂
Setting your company’s logo is a great way to make Metatask feel like a real “processes portal” for the whole team.

Metatask 3.0.1 update: Reopening approvals, recently completed processes and more…

We’ve just released a regular update to Metatask which brings a number of improvements and a few bug-fixes.

Reopening approvals

Have you ever clicked on “Reject” just to find out that you now want to go back and change your decision? Now you can as we just made it possible to reopen approvals just like normal completed tasks.

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New Metatask 3.0 is here! Meet conditions, nested tasks and more…

Holidays season🎄is coming soon, and we just released a huge update to Metatask – we hope you will like it!

Among smaller features, bug-fixes, and usability improvements a few major new features I want to talk about in this post:

  • Conditional tasks – to let you easily handle optional tasks.
  • Task groups – to let you structure your processes well and also to be able to implement some complex workflow patterns, like mixing sequential and parallel tasks.
  • Conditional task groups – to let you create advanced workflows with alternative branches.

Let me tell you about these big features in more details and show how you can use them to take your processes to the next level.

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What is Workflow? A Hands-on Guide for Beginners

While workflow may sound confusing at first, it’s mostly because this word has a very broad meaning.

This article is about business workflows, it explains how to properly describe them using diagrams and task lists.

I will also give a real world example and a step-by-step guide to workflow automation using software tools.

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Introducing dynamic assignments and “User” form fields

In a latest update we adding some new features to allow you building more powerful approval workflows.

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Metatask Receives Industry Recognition Awards from FinancesOnline

Platform for Software Reviews Grants Metatask 2 Industry Recognitions for Business Process Management Software

After conducting a thorough review of Metatask, a leading business software review platform recently praised our platform for delivering on its value proposition in helping businesses simplify and easily manage their company’s internal processes.
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The Clash of Productivity Apps: Wunderlist vs Todoist vs

Productivity is all about getting more tasks done and achieving goals.

You’ll agree with me that distractions are ever present in today’s world, and they may come in the form of a new trending topic on Twitter, new celebrity gossip on blogs, or a viral photo on Instagram, you name it. These distractions eat up our time and prevent us from being focused, which ultimately leads to a decrease in productivity.
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Enhanced process start form and new process naming option

Two big updates to make starting new process easier

New Metatask 2.5 adds two big updates aimed to make starting new processes much easier for employees.

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Best Productivity Apps for CEO to Get Through the Day

Most people who join any organization dream of one day becoming the CEO. Yet, the life of a CEO is one most people are unprepared for.
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16 Productivity Hacks for Startup CEOs and Founders

If you’re reading this article, chances are you want to become a more productive CEO and founder so that you can reach your goals and smash them into pieces. Well, if that’s the case, then you’re in the right place. In this article, I’m going to be dishing out tons of super effective and actionable productivity hacks that’ll help you get more work done.
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