Metatask 3.2.1: Improved template editor, security and reports…

We’ve just released another update to Metatask! 

New version brings a few improvements usability improvements along with a major changes to permissions for candidate assignees and team admins.

Better teamwork

In Metatask you manage tasks by making them available to groups like HR, or IT, or Sales. Any member of a group can claim the task to actually work on it.

We giving more power to members of groups and departments to work with department’s tasks:

  • Any group’s member can now see the task’s form and data in it. 
  • Any group’s member can now change due dates for these tasks.
  • Any group’s member can now reassign tasks.
  • Any group’s member can now view and add comments to tasks.

For example, if a task is for Sales department and at some point Jack claims it and starts working on it — it will not now disappear from all other members of Sales. Instead whole group would be able to collaborate on all department’s tasks.

Edit form data right on a process 

You can now quickly fix data entry mistakes. As a Process manager you can edit form data right on a process screen, without opening any task. 

Quickly fix data entry mistake. 

Improved template editor

If you ever tried to add a new form field to already configured template with many tasks, you know how much time it takes to re-configure fields visibility settings for all existing tasks…

Now you can just copy any existing filed or section which is already configured in a right way. A new field will have same visibility settings for all existing tasks, so you don’t need to configure it manually. Just change name, filed type — and you are done!

Making a copy of form field.

You can also now clone any existing task or a group and a newly created task will have all same visibility settings.

Cloning tasks and groups.

Improvements in reports

You can now quickly open a process right from a report.

Open process from a report.

Coming soon…

Meanwhile our regular major release is coming soon with a great new features:

Extended approvals

We extending existing support for approval processes and adding Reviews.

Reviews let you ask task assignees to re-do some work before you can approve it. With reviews you can easily create workflows to:

  • Request modifications to a content before approving it.
  • Ask requestor to change vacation dates.
  • Ask requestor to add more details to purchase request.
  • Ask graphical designer to make changes to illustration.

Reviews let reviewer request modifications multiple times before approval is granted.

Review cycle: request modifications before giving a final approval

Review is a great way to extend your approvals and let requestors make changes without re-submitting the whole request (and saving a lot of time and efforts).

New Zapier actions and triggers 

We’ve added a few more actions and triggers to make it easier to create two-way integrations, when you pass data from Metatask to other system and than you grab results and push them back to your Metatask process.

New Triggers

  • When task is created.

New Actions

  • Complete a task (and fill in form fields).
  • Search for a process by form field value.
  • Add a new comment to a task.