Metatask: Efficient Business Process Management & Workflow Software

Simple way to organize and control internal processes.

Business Process Management Software

Helps your team perform the same tasks consistently.

Define Template

define template

Define any process as a simple list of tasks instead of complicated flowchart or BPMN diagram.

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Start Process

start process

Make internal processes available to the whole company. Metatask reduces chaos, endless email threads and paperwork.

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Control Process

control process

Get clear view on all active processes. Track who is working on each task. See what's on target and what's late. Review all the data, files and documents in one place.

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Scale your business with confidence.

Metatask can handle thousands of business processes simultaneously guiding all employees step by step so that nothing is forgotten or lost in email threads.

Scale your business with confidence
Increase customers satisfaction.

Increase customers satisfaction.

Your customers want predictable first-class service and this what Metatask is about - predictable steps will lead to predictable results.

Take control of your confidential data.

When the process involves multiple people from different departments, it's important that the right information is only available to the right people.

Take control of your confidential data
Always know the status of everything

Always know the status of everything.

Our processes dashboard is designed to clearly show the progress of every single process, so there is no more need in “Can you give me an update on…?” kind of emails.

Used by companies in 34 countries.

Metatask is used for all kinds of workflows and internal processes: onboarding of new employees, starting marketing campaigns , processing purchase orders, processing quote request, requesting vacations, advertising real estate properties, onbording new clients, approving expenses and many more.

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