Metatask: Efficient Business Process Management & Workflow Software

Simple way to organize and control internal processes.

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Business Process Management Software

Helps your team perform the same tasks consistently.

Define Template

define template

Define any process as a simple list of tasks instead of complicated flowchart or BPMN diagram.

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Start Process

start process

Make internal processes available to the whole company. Metatask reduces chaos, endless email threads and paperwork.

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Control Process

control process

Get clear view on all active processes. Track who is working on each task. See what's on target and what's late. Review all the data, files and documents in one place.

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More features you'll love.



Templates are easy to use and available to everyone. Directory of internal processes makes it easy to start new processes for the whole team.



Processes are easy to control, you can always see a big picture - all active processes, who is doing what, deadlines, overdue processes and tasks.



Tasks are simple and familiar way to manage team's work. After you started a new process all tasks are created and made available to right people, due dates are set automatically.


data forms

With forms you can take your important data out of chat comments, attachments and emails. You can control how, when and who should provide process related information.



Everyone can comment on tasks, attach files, see updates in real-time without need to refresh page. Metatask keeps quick chat on tasks out your email inbox.


Zapier integration

Schedule recurring processes, save forms data to Google Drive, send custom emails with attached files, connect to your CRM system, sign documents and much more. Our Zapier integration lets you connect with 500 web apps.

Used by companies in 34 countries.

Metatask is used for all kinds of workflows and internal processes: onboarding of new employees, starting marketing campaigns , processing purchase orders, processing quote request, requesting vacations, advertising real estate properties, onbording new clients, approving expenses and many more.

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