Property Advertising - Metatask

Property advertising is the process of running ads in the newspaper, social media, or any kind of classified ad, with the ultimate goal of generating leads (prospective clients) for your real estate business.

It is an ideal strategy that enables real estate businesses to sell their properties really quickly and also reach a larger audience.

Real estate agencies that make a transition from manual advertising to automated advertising experience a huge success.

Property Advertising Process

The whole process begins when a client calls the sales department of your real estate agency and says he or she would like to sell a real estate property.

When this happens, it’s the responsibility of the appraiser to check the client’s property rights, check terms of financing, collect data on property conditioning and location, collect average price indicators on the market, deduce the value of the property and submit the report to the director and realtor.

The realtor then schedules an appointment with the client and finds out the client’s preference. It’s also the responsibility of the realtor to prepare photos and advertising materials of the property, arrange property demonstration, make corrections according to the client’s remarks, and then submit the report of the process to the director and legal unit.

On getting this report, the legal expert now makes sure that the client has all required documents, let’s the client know the value of all taxes, and also prepares registration documents. The legal expert will also prepare papers for signing and ask the client to pay all state duties.

Once the whole process is completed, the legal expert and director then go ahead and make a deal to advertise the property.

This whole process is very tedious, error-prone and time-consuming if done manually. But automation can help you increase the efficiency of this process.

Benefits of Property Advertising Automation

Creates a More Productive Interaction

Though it’s impossible to automate face-to-face interactions, an automated real estate advertising system can remind you of meetings with your clients before their due dates. Additionally, the system can also send reminder emails to your clients prior to a meeting, thus enhancing the interaction between you and your clients

Saves Time

There are lots of tasks and processes involved in real estate property advertising. And they may take a couple of days to be completed when done manually. Some of these tasks include choosing a real estate agent, publishing ads, arranging a meeting with a potential buyer, preparing and signing documents, you name it.

All these tasks and processes can be performed faster with automation.

It also reduces the number of repetitive tasks you have to execute in every advertising process, thus freeing up more time for you to build meaningful relationships with your clients.

Reduces Learning Curve

With a process automation system, you can map out your entire real estate advertising process within the software with notes explaining what each activity means. This will enable your real estate agent or any new employee to quickly understand your advertising process, thus reducing the learning curve.

Automate all kinds of business processes & workflows

Onboarding of new employees, starting marketing campaigns , processing purchase orders, processing quote request, requesting vacations, advertising real estate properties, onbording new clients, approving expenses and many more.