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Employee onboarding, also known as organizational socialization, is the process of enabling new hires to understand your organizational brand and values, get used to their new jobs quickly and smoothly so that they can function effectively within that organization.

Employee onboarding is a very tedious task for the HR manager, the employee and even the organization itself.

Employee Onboarding Process

When a new employee steps into an office, you should introduce him or her to new colleagues, teach internal processes, set up some technology, and even fill out a boatload of paperwork.

All of these activities are the essential components of the employee onboarding process at any organization.

The hiring manager coordinates the whole onboarding process and may incorporate the accounting manager, the IT department and other relevant departments to drive the process smoothly to completion. Since the process depends on team members of other departments, the process may take multiple days to complete and last-minute issues may erupt.

The paperwork aspect of onboarding is critical to compliance in any organization. But you’ll agree that this process is a huge bore to the employee. The employee spends a big chunk of his or her time filling out paperwork and in the end, is left with little or no time to get acquainted with his or her new colleagues.

Thankfully, there is a more effective approach to employee onboarding.

Onboarding can now be completed as quickly as possible with significantly less stress by automating the employee onboarding process.

Benefits of Employee Onboarding Automation

Cuts the Costs and Increases Productivity

What company owner doesn’t want to cut operational costs?

Automating employee onboarding can greatly save costs in an organization by cutting down the amount of time that is put into administrative work. New employees will no longer have to spend a huge chunk of their time entering data or filing paperwork and this will free up more time for them to focus on the necessary tasks at hand, thereby increasing productivity and leading to quicker money.

Manages Data Forms in One Place

This is a very important service that cannot be overrated because keeping track of all the various forms for different functions can quite become a nuisance.

The digital platform gives the organization the ability to collect and store all of the employee’s information in a safe place that is easy to find.

Increases Delivery Speed

After employees fill out all of the various onboarding documents, these documents may have to move from one department to another before they get to their final destination. This process can take a couple of days or even weeks before it’s completed and if proper action is not taken, some of these documents may get misplaced along the way.

Automated onboarding platform gives you the ability to send completed documents to their correct and final destination without hassle, thus accelerating several internal processes in your organization.

Automate all kinds of business processes & workflows

Onboarding of new employees, starting marketing campaigns , processing purchase orders, processing quote request, requesting vacations, advertising real estate properties, onbording new clients, approving expenses and many more.