Workflow Automation 2020: 3 Smart Futuristic Trends to Watch For

What’s in store for 2020 for your team?

Besides financial goals and other milestones that you’ve set for yourself and your team in the new year, 2020 is also going to bring some exciting automation trends.

Whether you’re interested in process, BPO, or marketing automation, the automation trends for 2020 can help streamline essential processes. That itself should be motivation enough to invest in some of these upcoming automation trends. After all, streamlining can make your workload easier in several ways, including:

  • Allowing you to use your time better
  • To work smarter, not harder
  • Help you save money
  • Help you increase your revenue each month

Besides that, though, some of the automation trends are really cool. Ready to geek out? Read on to learn more about some exciting 2020 automation trends.

Workplace Automation – What Is It and How Has It Evolved?

Can you imagine what automation looked like decades ago? In most offices, computers weren’t readily used until the 80s or 90s. Most department managers implemented workflow processes as best they could. The paper files made these processes somewhat cumbersome, and they weren’t always accurate either. Add to that the fact that papers could easily be lost, and you can imagine that frustration levels were rather high.

Thankfully, times have changed. Automation has made workflow processes so much easier. Now, employers can reduce the number of people they need to hire because tasks can be done by AI (artificial intelligence) or at the touch of a button.

Not only have some job positions been eliminated because of automation, but productivity tends to increase. Additionally, since employees don’t have to spend so much time doing repetitive work, they get to spend their time on more interesting and exciting projects. When that happens, job satisfaction rates tend to rise, while employer revenue increases.

Automation is a win-win-win for employees, business owners, and managers. Ready to start incorporating more automation tools into your business? If so, you need to check out the latest automation trends of 2020.

3 Automation Trends in 2020 to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Implementing one or all the process automation trends of 2020 can have a mind-blowing effect on the production, time management, and overall job satisfaction of everyone who uses them. These processes can even help you serve your customers better throughout the year.

1. Hyperautomation – More Sophisticated Automation Processes

You know what automation is – something that automates tasks that used to be done by you or some of your employees. Hyperautomation takes automation to a new level. It consists of more sophisticated automation systems that use AI and other advanced technologies, such as machine learning.

Instead of simply doing repetitive tasks for you, hyperautomation systems will also be able to:

  • Discover
  • Analyze
  • Reassess
  • Measure
  • Design
  • Monitor

Such sophistication will not only make your job easier, but it will give you information that you might not have been aware of without this new technology.

Hyperautomation often creates a digital twin, or virtual/digital replica, of your company. The twin acts as a bridge between the physical and digital parts of your business, allowing you to see how your processes drive value, which can help you identify issues to address or profitable business opportunities to take.

You can use this type of automation system for a variety of tasks, including gathering information from social media to create more intricate marketing systems that will appeal to your audience. The reports produced will provide insights that will help your marketing team determine what types of incentives, promotions, and campaigns to implement into their marketing plan.

2. Multiexperience Creates an “Ambient Experience”    

Tech companies are creating technology that is considered “people-literate.” With this technology, a computer isn’t just a computer anymore – it’s actually a multi-sensory tool that can include computer sensors that create an immersive experience for your customers.

Multiexperience technology utilizes virtual as well as augmented reality, human-machine interfaces, and sensing technology to create an immersive (or ambient) experience for customers.

Dominos Pizza has used this technology recently. Instead of simply having an app-based ordering option, they also have a pizza tracker and autonomous vehicles. How has this benefitted their business? Dominos has gone from nearly failing to transform itself as a digital pioneer in the food industry to a leading example. In fact, half of the employees at Dominos’ headquarters previously worked in analytics and software industries.

The technology they use has simplified their operations processes, helping employees save time and effort while keeping costs low for customers. Plus, the customer experience is better than ever, and that keeps customers coming back for more.

3. Robotic Process Automation for BPO Companies

The BPO (business process outsourcing) industry is often on the cutting edge of automated technology, so much so that other industries take their cues from it so they can get ahead of the competition.

How does the BPO industry plan on utilizing automation in the new year?

One of the best BPO automation trends of 2020 is utilizing AI and robotic process automation (RPA) to not replace humans, but to work alongside them. Computer software and robots can be used to automate:

  • The data entry process
  • Data validation

Not only does RPA help BPO companies save time, but it also helps them provide better value to their customers. By having AI systems in place to do the repetitive labor, BPO companies can use their resources to employ higher-skilled workers who can use their creativity and decision-making skills to create innovative services and solutions for their customers.

What Process and Marketing Automation Trends in 2020 Will You Implement?

It isn’t uncommon for businesses to start setting new goals at the start of the new year or new quarter. Besides setting revenue goals and setting up systems to make sure you achieve them, consider implementing some of the latest process, BPO, and marketing automation trends of 2020. Doing so will make it even easier for you and your team to reach your quarterly and annual goals.

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