New Metatask 3.2 brings tons of useful improvements

We’ve just released the new version 3.2 of Metatask. It’s a “minor” release and it brings a lot of small features, usability improvements, and bug-fixes — all to make you even more productive, with less efforts.

Here’s a few of our favourites:

Inviting your team is now easier than ever

We know how irritating it could be to stop in a middle of editing a complex template only to invite a new user to the team. Now you can invite your team from almost anywhere — just type in email address and its done!

Inviting a coworker to Metatask

What’s even better, you do not need to wait until your coworker accepts invitation. You can use newly invited users everywhere — assign tasks, add to groups, make them administrators.

Quickly copy value of a form filed to a clipboard

Working with large form could be tedious and copy-paste is frequent operation when manipulating data from multiple documents.

Now you can copy any form field to a clipboard with just one click.

Better field type selector

Our long list of form filed types (we support 12 different field types: from text and numbers to money, emails, file uploads and drop-down lists) needed some love for a long time. We finally redesigned it to look better and be easier to use.

Selecting a type of a new Form field

Abandoned comments reminder

You’d be surprised how many times people write a long comment and just forgot to click “Send” button! Now when you try to leave page without sending a comment — a friendly reminder will offer to send already typed comment.

Better mentions in task comments

We will highlight mentioned user so it is clear its a mention. We now also show all people who already participated in discussion when you mention, so it is easy to find them.

Reworked task page

Task view is probably one of the most used part of the app. People spend enormous time working with tasks.

That is why we took time and reworked this page to be faster, smoother and more reliable experience. And we made sure it works fine even on a slow 3G connections — so you can check on your tasks on the go.

Coming soon…

Meanwhile our regular major release is coming next month with a great new feature:


We extending existing support for approval processes and adding Reviews.

Reviews let you ask task assignees to re-do some work before you can approve it. With reviews you can easily create workflows to:

  • Request modifications to a content before approving it.
  • Ask requestor to change vacation dates.
  • Ask requestor to add more details to purchase request.
  • Ask graphical designer to make changes to illustration.

Reviews let reviewer request modifications multiple times before approval is granted.

Review cycle: request modifications before giving a final approval

Review is a great way to extend your approvals and let requestors make changes without re-submitting the whole request (and saving a lot of time and efforts).