Review cycles are here!

One-click approvals has long been one of the most popular feature of Metatask. But some processes require more complex approvals, with more than one iteration.

Review cycle is multiple iterations of Provide results / Review results

Like a process of drafting a new contract. In many cases reviewer will not want to just reject prepared draft, but would prefer to provide feedback and wait while requested changes are all applied. After all changes are done — review is done again.

In similar processes review may be conducted 3, 5, or more times before a reviewer finally approves:

  • Creating a blog post copy and illustrations.
  • Drafting a new contract.
  • Making a job offer to candidate.
  • Approving a budget for a new project.

Review Cycles to the rescue

Review cycle allows you to review work and request changes if needed. In addition to Approve and Reject options you can now also use Request Changes option:

Review cycle example — Contract copy approval

When you request changes all tasks which are part of a review cycle are redone one more time. Tasks are reopened one by one and assigned back to initial assignees.

How to configure and use Review Cycles

You can use regular Approval task to create review cycle. A new option controls if approver can request changes in addition to approving and rejecting.

Enable this option to create a review cycle

When this option is enabled, a new “Request Changes” button is available to approvers in addition to familiar Approve and Reject buttons.

“Request Changes” button

When you click on Request changes, you are prompted to provide comments for task assignees involved in a review cycle.

Requesting to make some changes

A new comment is added to all affected tasks with the text you provide.

After that Metatask will re-initiate all tasks one by one and assign each task back to the original assignee.

“Prepare draft” task is reopened so that Darlene can make necessary changes to email subject

When all tasks are completed approver can review work results again and decide if more changes are needed or approval can be granted.

Which tasks are reopened as a part of review cycle?

If approval task is inside a group — all tasks in this group preceding this approval task will be reopened each time changes are requested by approver.

If approval task is located on a top level of a process, all tasks preceding it will be reopened.

Nested review cycles

It is possible to create a review cycle inside another review cycle.

When “parent” review cycle is “restarted” — all nested cycles will also be restarted as a part of it.

Copy and hero image are reviewed as a part of bigger email review

Who can use review cycles?

Review cycles extension for approval tasks is available to all users of all our paid plans.

Coming soon…

Meanwhile our team is working hard on a next release which brings more great features:

New Zapier triggers and actions

We’ve added a few more actions and triggers to make it easier to create two-way integrations. You will be able to pass data from Metatask to other system and push results back to your Metatask process.

New Triggers

  • When task is created.

New Actions

  • Complete a task (and fill in form fields).
  • Search for a process by form field value.
  • Add a new comment to a task.

Public API

We opening public API so that you can do even more with your data and processes.