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Vacation requests seems like a simple thing at first, but turns out to be a complex issue that needs proper management.

Having a well-defined vacations policy is essential for avoiding issues like:

What is vacations policy?

Vacations policy is a document describing most important company rules around taking vacations. Having proper vacation policy is especially important for startups, small teams and fast growing companies.

But not be afraid, vacation policy should not by any means be complex or a long read. Im most cases it’s a simple online page or a Google Document available to the whole team.

Vacation policy should clearly address all important questions related to receiving and spending vacation days.

What questions you should address in vacations policy?

As you probably see – its a lot of questions!

And it is much better to have all these answers in advance, so that when someone on your team has a question – the answer is just a one click away.

Now when you have vacation policy in place, it is time to automate the process of requesting and approving vacations.

Automating vacation requests and approvals

Metatask let you quickly automate any requests and approvals, including vacation requests.

A typical approval process should include submitting a request and receiving approvals from direct manager and HR department.¬†You can use a sample “Vacation Request” template from templates gallery and customise it for your own needs.

Here’s how the final process looks when someone submits a new vacation request:

After request is submitted, employee’s manager will receive approval request:

And after vacation is approved by manager, HR manager will receive approval request as well.
HR manager should check if person has available balance and if any other restrictions apply.

Finally a task will be assigned to HR department to update available vacation days for employee, this could be done in a simple AirTable or Google Docs spreadsheet. You can also easily automate this step with a Zapier, if you feel inclined.

You can create this process for your team in a matter of minutes with Metatask.

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