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Metatask 2: Working on tasks one by one, new access control features and more…

This week our team celebrates a long-awaited release of Metatask 2.

The latest release includes a lot of under-the-hood improvements and some great features. But much more is coming in the following months.
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Setting tasks due date based on process deadline

Latest Metatask release is here and we have a lot of smaller updates and improvements, but I just want to go over two new features:

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Mobile version of Metatask is here

Last month our team fully reworked Metatask user interface to make it look and work nicely on smartphones and tablets. Read more»

More comments, more speed, more color…

The new release is here, and it brings some improvements to make your experience with Metatask even better. Read more»

New Form field types: Money, Yes/No and Email address

The long-awaited Money field type is here and you can start using it right away after upgrading to the latest Metatask 1.1. The latest update also includes tons of small improvements, performance optimizations, and bug-fixes. Read more»

Using tables in forms, cloning templates and more

New Metatask 1.0.5 is here and it brings long-awaited support for tables inside forms, along with a few other features. Read more»

Whats new in Metatask 1.0.4

Metatask 1.0.4 is out bringing you some new features:

  • View all your processes grouped by template
  • Add sample templates from Templates Gallery
  • Review any process’ history

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Whats new in Metatask 1.0.3

Completing Tasks on behalf of other users

With the latest update, process owner can complete tasks on behalf of other users. A task is marked as completed by original assignee but you can still find information in a task history. Read more»

How to format text with Markdown

Markdown is a lightweight and easy-to-use syntax for styling text. Markdown is supported in several places in Metatask:

  • Description for a task
  • Instructions for a process

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Integrate Metatask with 500+ other apps

Zapier support was one of the most frequent requests from new users since we started. So we worked hard over last month to bring Zapier support to Metatask. Read more»