More comments, more speed, more color…

The new release is here, and it brings some improvements to make your experience with Metatask even better.

Comments on the process page

When you manage multiple processes, tracking all comments for every task may be just too complicated. To help you with this we added comments right on a process view, which we know is a most favorite page for all process managers:

Comments are available to all users working on a process. If a user can see comments inside a task, she can see comments on a process view as well.

By default, we show only the last two comments for each task, but you can expand a list to review all of them.

Replying to a comment

You can add a new reply to someone else’s comment right here, without a need to open a task:

As you probably know comments are real-time, so you don’t need to reload a page or click anything to see a new comment, they will just appear on a page instantly – like in Slack or any other messaging app.

Showing totals for numeric and money table columns

A new option for numeric and money fields make it easy to show total values for some columns in a table section:

To show total amount for any field in a table section, just mark this option in a field setting:

Groupings got a new design

Groupings are already available for some time in Metatask and proved to be very useful for our users with many tasks and running processes. Latest design updates makes using and recognizing groups while scrolling through a list even simpler:

Every section header’s color is based on a template’s icon color. If an icon is not set for a template, a header is gray. You can use this to quickly distinguish between different types of processes, for example, you can make all HR processes blue and all core processes yellow colored.

You can set template’s icon and colour in template editor:

Tasks and process lists performance improvements

We fully re-worked both tasks and processes lists to make them load and render up to 3 times faster, especially for our customers with a large number of active processes.

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Coming up next…

A mobile responsive version of the app is already going through our internal testing process.